Semi-finished items

In recent decades, Gold Art has made its production capacity available to other companies with the supply of a vast range of semi- finished items:

  • coupled and stamped components
  • medals
  • fastenings (clasps)
  • chain by the metre (Coreana, ball bead chain, cable chain, rolò, Singapore, box chain, fancy solid chains )
  • findings (pins, omega clasps , hoops, bayonet clasps, butterfly backs, caps, half balls for earrings, stone settings, counter links (bails), quality stamp, hooks, infinity links (ottini) and more)
  • highly polished or diamond cut wires , soldering, highly polished or diamond cut hollow tubes
  • highly polished or various diamond cut bead tubes
  • coupled ball beads (highly polished and diamond cut)
  • super-light beads
  • laser cut components and a work centre which can provide exclusively personalized goods for our clients.

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